Thursday, 28 August 2014

Analysis of Crater Greg using LandSerf

I had some trouble with geomorphons, because I couldn't get the GRASS 7 extension to compile in Linux for unclear reasons, so I was limited to using the Windows version inside a virtual machine, and it decided to crash when presented with Mars data, although it was OK with Earth DTMs...

I have however been using LandSerf to generate curvature layers, and a feature classification, so here we are, for the well known (at least to Martian glaciologists) crater "Greg":

I hope you're not too confused by the use of transparency...

Units are in metres.

Some of the glaciers form a channel as they are constrained by topography, but not all channels are glaciers.....

Using longitudinal curvature calculated in LandSerf, showing negative curvature where a slope starts off steep and shallows as it goes down, which the Martian glaciers in Greg and elsewhere generally do, (Bryn Hubbard et al.):

Using RSGISLib to segment a layerstack consisting of nadir image, elevation, slope, aspect, and curvature layers:

Selecting all slopes above 15 degrees

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