Sunday, 24 August 2014

Geomorphons of mid-Wales

Following the machine-vision based method of topographic analysis, "Geomorphons" by Stepinski and Jasiewicz, here's an example of the method applied to mid-Wales:

The authors argue that the method can make a useful analysis of topography at differing scales, in a better way than typical differential-geometry based methods do.

A close-up of the Aberystwyth area:

The method is available either as an extension to version 7 of the open-source GRASS GIS software, or, for small datasets, as an online interface.

After a number of hours, a wider search area can be made to match the scale of Stepinski and Jasiewicz's map of Poland in their paper , in which the authors used a DEM at 30m resolution at a search radius of 50 cells.

Hopefully I'll have something useful from this method applied to Mars in time to go in my dissertation....

Website: Space Informatics Lab - University of Cincinnati

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