Tuesday, 2 September 2014

An overview of glaciers in the mid-latitudes of Mars

The paper by Colin Souness et al. in 2012 (link) gave an inventory of Martian "Glacier-like forms"

Here is where they are found plotted on a layerstack of Mars Express HRSC DTM tiles, where red=nadir image, green = elevation, and blue = slope, falling back to MOLA topography in areas I don't have that tile because it didn't underlay any Souness GLFs. For MOLA I use aspect as a substitute for the image layer.

The Souness GLFs are numbered, but not all are plotted because QGIS automatically avoids plotting too many labels on top of each other.

The coordinates are Mars Equicylindrical, with a standard parallell of 40 degrees.

Northern Hemisphere (25 to 65N)

Southern Hemisphere (25 to 65 S)


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