Sunday, 3 August 2014

Segmenting Topography with LandSerf and RSGISLib

As a training for segmenting Martian topography, I have done a little work on Earth.

Using the software LandSerf  by Prof. Jo Wood (the website appears to be down at the moment), I created a number of derived topograhic layers from Shuttle Radar Topography mission data, i.e. slope, aspect, and plan, longitudinal,  cross-sectional, profile and mean curvature. I then layerstacked these files (taking the aspect in degrees from north-facing).

Using RSGISlib to segment these (using min 128px sized objects where a pixel is ~ 72m) I get results like this:

The curvature layers seem to enable it to segment along ridge and valley lines and it can sometimes be seen how the topography is orientated spatially.

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