Friday, 20 June 2014

A little Python script to convert your Landsat scenes to KEA format

Downloading all this Mars data is starting to fill up my hard disks, so one thing I decided to do was compress all the various Landsat images I have.

Here is a Python script that will convert all GeoTIFF files in the current directory to the KEA format, and create a new header for each *MTL.txt Landsat header that exists in the directory to refer to the .kea files, for the use of a program such as ARCSI.

Download link (Dropbox)

# David Trethewey 20-06-2014
# convert all .tif or .TIF files
# in the current directory to .kea files
# using GDAL
# Does not delete any TIF files
# Assumptions:
# the TIF files are in the current directory
# that this script is being run from
# GDAL is available with KEA support

# Modifies any Landsat header *MTL.txt files so that
# works if you have compressed the
# band .TIF files to .kea
# Does not overwrite original header
# imports
import os.path
import sys

def replaceGTIFF_kea(inputtext):
    outputtext = ""   
    for w in inputtext:
        w = w.replace("GEOTIFF","KEA")
        w = w.replace(".TIF",".kea")
        # this line should be unnecessary since Landsat MTL files use capital letters      
        # but just in case you have one that doesn't
        w = w.replace(".tif",".kea")
        outputtext += w
    return outputtext

# find all *.TIF files and *MTL.txt files in the current directory
directory = os.getcwd()
dirFileList = os.listdir(directory)
# print dirFileList
tifFileList = [f for f in dirFileList if ((f[-4:]=='.TIF')or(f[-4:]=='.tif'))]
MTLFileList = [f for f in dirFileList if (f[-7:]=='MTL.txt')]

#output format (GDAL code)
outFormat = 'KEA'

# run gdal_translate on all TIFs to convert to KEA
for t in tifFileList:
    gdaltranscmd = "gdal_translate -of "+outFormat+" "+t+" "+t[:-4]+".kea"
    print gdaltranscmd

# create a new header file referring to .kea files rather than .TIF
for m in MTLFileList:
    inputtext = file(m).readlines()
    outputtext = replaceGTIFF_kea(inputtext)
    outputfilebase = m[:-4]
    outputfile = outputfilebase + "_kea.txt"
    out = file(outputfile,"w")

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