Sunday, 18 April 2010

Skrifenn Dew

A short section in Cornish about the recent Cornish language weekend in Newquay. In Cornish:
An 10ves-11ves Mis Ebrel o an Bennseythun Gernewek. Yth esa moy ages kans den ena, diworth Kernow oll, ha diworth broyow erell. Nebes tus ny wrug dyski Kernewek kyns, nebes tus o Kernowegoryon freth. Yth esa pymp bagasow rag an dyskansow. Yth esov vy yn Bagas Kres. My a wrug tremena apposyans nessa gradh hav yw tremenys. My a esedh tressa gradh an hav ma po hav nessa. Y'n bennseythun, y hwren ni gwari bord-gwari yn Kernewek rag dyski ha gul lavarow ha hwedhlow yn Kernewek. Yth esa bagas donsoryon "Hevva" ena war nos Dy' Sadorn. Oll an dus a wrug kavoes termyn lowen.

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  1. Found you via Greer's comments. Best of luck with the blog.

    It all depends on how quickly we slide down the other side of Hubert's Peak, but I agree with you, unless something very wrong happens, the end of Internet might be decades from now. More than enough time for you to finish that PhD.