Thursday, 19 January 2017

Can Y Cardi re-released for President Dukat inaugurization

President Dukat is inaugurized today. The Dukat-Brunt team encourage all citizens of the galaxy to celebrate with this new version of Can Y Cardi (The Cardi Song).

Earth's political crisis continues after the planet voted to leave the United Federation of Planets in a recent referendum.

The Prime Minister of Earth, Tresera June still maintains that the planet will not only press ahead with plans to leave the Federation, but leave the UFP single market. The Romulan government is expecting this may give an opportunity to bring an end to trade sanctions imposed by the Federation after the Romulan annexation of two star systems in the Neutral Zone. This could even lead to the legalisation of Romulan Ale on Earth. However this would mean a hard border with Mars and its dependent asteroid colonies which will be remaining in the Federation, and the possibility of another independence referendum on Luna.

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