Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Some GUI interfaces to Cornish language Python programs

I have recently used Tkinter to code graphical frontends to a number of my programs that I have developed in Python for processing Cornish text.

They are all on my Bitbucket account, and there are a few screenshots below:

mutatya.py is a script for giving it a Cornish word, and returning the mutated form of it, here is the graphical front-end.

This uses espeak to speak Cornish text, by first Cymricising the orthography with a series of string replaces, and then calling espeak -vcy at the command line to speak it as if it were Welsh. The 'Gorhemmyn' button calls a module that decides on an appropriate greeting depending on the time of day according to the system clock.
Niverow renders numbers into Cornish words.

The current version of niverowGUI.py has the option of specifying a plural noun to be used in cases of large and complex numbers, where the pattern of + 'a' + is used.

This is the syllable segmentation module, showing the number of syllables in each word, and the whole line in this case. There are several different modes, 'long' mode, 'short' mode and 'line' mode and segmentation can be done either starting from the beginning or the end.

The long-form output from syllable segmentation.

Transliteration from Kernewek Kemmyn to the Standard Written Form (main).

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