Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cornish Standard Written Form review 2014

I am thinking of developing my Cornish language processing tools further, to include a transliteration tool from Kernewek Kemmyn to Standard Written Form.

The SWF specification is available on the MAGA website, however there were some changes in the 2014 review. The SWF specification includes an appendix which describes the differences between it and Kernewek Kemmyn.

There is also a SWF dictionary available either as a PDF or web-based, the latter having being updated to take account of the review.

I have annotated the pdf of the original specification (specifically appendix C), to have the description of the differences between Kernewek Kemmyn and SWF, and where the further differences between SWF 1.0 and the 2014 reviewed SWF affect this in one place.

I have put a copy of these notes online at

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