Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Souness GLF elevation profiles

I have decided, despite the general poor quality of code, to put many of my Python scripts that I used to process my dissertation online. It is not likely to be very useful to someone else, because it is particularly built around the dataset that I amassed from HRSC Mars Express DTMs and written in a very ad-hoc way.

The scripts are at

One thing I have developed a little beyond my dissertation is the profile along the midpoint of the glacier. I have extended my script that generated the shapefiles of the glacier extents to do circles following the mid-line all the way from head to terminus.

Souness 1273, 944, 945, 948, 946 and 947 in the north of Greg crater

I used gdallocationinfo called from the command-line via subprocess.check_output in Python to retrive the elevation from the HRSC data for all of the Souness GLFs that have HRSC data available. 

All of the Souness GLFs superplotted on one crowded looking PNG file

The same figure with scaling distance along midline and elevation difference to dimensionless number between 0 and 1

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