Thursday, 31 December 2015

More zoomable images - on Mars this time

I previously shared my index to some of my posts about Martian glaciers.

I have produced zoomable images of the various parts of the Martian surface, with imagery from HRSC nadir images along with elevation.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to show the full resolution of these, because the method of tiling the 16384x16384 images I use as the basis of the work, using and displaying using leaflet.js, involved a very large total number of files, and it seems my current web host at has a maximum.

Nevertheless, the results can be seen at and

Sample screenshot from my website

Update - it looks to me like even with only 4 zoomlevels, I have still managed to max out my number of files count. I am also in process of adding links to where I have a number of scatter plots showing the Souness GLFs by region.

Numbers of Souness GLFs by region.

An example of using Filtergraph to plot the various Souness GLFs in the Olympus Mons area.

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