Friday, 19 June 2015

It's #PlutoTime

Since 2003, NASA's New Horizons probe has been on its way to its Pluto flyby on 14th July 2015.

During this time it was demoted in status to dwarf planet by an International Astronomical Union committee.

NASA is encouraging people to find out via the website here at what time of day (or rather after sunset) it will be as light as noon on Pluto, take a photograph and then share it using the hashtag #PlutoTime.

In Truro, Cornwall, it was 21:41 BST on 19th June.

So here are a few pictures of it:
Exposure 1/80 sec at ISO 640

About 15 minutes after #PlutoTime, imagine this is Charon and one of the small moons, though Charon is about 7 times larger in angular size seen from Pluto than the Earth's moon is from Earth.

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