Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Developers submit planning applications for arcologies in Truro

This morning it has been revealed that bold plans have been submitted by various developers to build arcologies in the Truro area.

A spokesman for Maxis Developments, who have submitted one of the applications, said that these 'arcologies' are self-contained structures that are practically a city in their own right. Cllr. Derek Poldark pointed out that these structures can provide Truro's housing needs in a fraction of the footprint that traditional suburban rabbit hutches housing would use.

Based on plans submitted, here are the four proposed designs for the buildings:

Koeswik, Lonchya, Aberplymm, Darko
One of the sites is the present location of County Hall,which would be demolished and replaced with an arcology that not only offers better office space for the council, but of course penthouse apartments for the Chairman and Chief Executive.

The view from the Duke of Cornwall's private jet of the Truro area after completion of the project.

The second of these, the Lonchya design, could be modified to provide a stadium under the dome on its upper deck.

Artist's impression

Artist's impression
In fact, the long term plan is to solve the traffic problems on the A390 into Truro by having the entire population of Cornwall move to Truro, which the arcologies will make possible.

In this case, the rest of the county Duchy will be made into an 18th century theme park in which visitors could ride horses around and watch actors pretend to mine copper.

Of course the new arcologies are expected to bring more visitors to Cornwall, therefore there is also a proposal for a new HS3 railway line to provide an alternative route to Dawlish in case of more storms:

If the mid-Wales line between Dovey Junction and Birmingham were to be upgraded, this would provide access to HS2 and a reduced journey time to London.

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