Sunday, 13 July 2014

Martian glaciers in Crater "Greg"

As mentioned by Hartmann et al., there are a number of glacier-like features in the Martian Crater "Greg".

I am studying Martian glaciers, based on the list published in Souness et al. 2012 for my MSc dissertation.

Here are a couple of graphics, showing the Souness glaciers in the Greg crater:

I have used Google Fusion tables to plot these and exported to a KML for use in Google Earth using the CTX camera mosaic as a backdrop. The centres are plotted as snowflakes, heads in blue and termini in yellow, with purple and green used for the channel sides at the midpoint.

Below, I have tried using RSGISlib on Mars, using a layerstack combining topography and imagery from Mars Express HRSC, using a colour palette to show a segmentation. I'm not yet convinced the segmentation is picking them out, but work continues...

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