Thursday, 5 November 2015

Summary of Argyre Planitia region

Here are some overview renderings of Argyre Planitia and surrounding areas in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

I have added a lat/long graticule using the Natural Earth graticule shapefiles, setting QGIS to tell them they are in Mars 2000 lat/long.

Argyre region, with MOC image mosaic overlaid by MOLA topography.

The elevation colour ramp used for all of  the Argyre HRSC tiles

Background MOLA elevation ramp

MOLA elevation alone.
MOLA elevation blended with hillshade.

I do not present anything like a comprehensive detailing of the glacier-like forms in this region, but here are a couple of interesting areas.

Baltisk Crater (55°W, 42°S)

HRSC nadir image in tile h0416. The HiRISE image at the left is PSP_007706_1375.

With the classifier results.

Nereidum Montes area (43°W, 37-38°S)

In HRSC tile h2625, two Souness GLFs on the rim of crater which also shows various channels.

Classifier results.
A little to the south of the previous image, several further Souness GLFs are found. This area contains a HiRISE anaglyph and DTM. The DTM coverage is outlined in yellow.

Classifier results.
HiRISE anaglyph ESP_013850_1415 just to the east of Souness 757.
Colourised elevation map of HiRISE DTM.

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