Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Back to the North of Mars - Erebus Montes, Olympus Mons, and Alba Mons

We turn again to the northern hemisphere of Mars, with the areas around Erebus Montes and north of Olympus Mons shown in this post.

Ultimately I'd like to work out a way to have zoomable images, I'm thinking of using something like Leaflet.js. For now I show a few areas of interest.

The area to the north of Olympus Mons has a lobate debris apron believed to have formed through glacial processes at an earlier epoch than the Souness GLFs.

The elevation colour ramps, with one ramp used for the h0037 field, which also has some contrast/brightness adjustment in the nadir image tile, and the second colour ramp for all other fields shown above.

Showing the elevation only, and a version blended with a hillshaded DTM:

Erebus Montes - tile h1258

This area has a HiRISE anaglyph available. I have only noted anaglyphs in the vicinity of Souness objects published up to summer 2014, there may be others of interest, using JMARS, Google Earth or the HiRISE website you may find others.

With the classifier values, showing blue for 'extent' areas, and red for 'head' areas as usual

Further south in tile h1258

Ln(K) again

Close up of Souness 122 showing overlap with area covered by HiRISE anaglyph
Thumbnail of HiRISE anaglyph.

Acheron Fossae region

The area to the north of Olympus Mons showing a number of Souness GLFs.
Ln(K) across this area.

Ln(K) for part of h1232 and h1210

Part of h0037

Close up of Souness 86 (head shown with the red circle) with overlapping HiRISE anaglyph footprint.

Thumbnail of HiRISE anaglyph

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