Saturday, 14 November 2015

Utopia Planitia

Most of the North of Mars is covered by a low, flat plain.

As such, there are few Souness GLFs, these being found in the walls of craters.

Here is the area of part of Utopia Planitia, north of the shield volcanoes Elysium Mons and Hecates Tholus.

I had originally titled this 'Elysium Planitia' which is in fact in another location south of the Elysium Mons massif. The URL will continue to reflect that.


Screenshot from Google Earth showing colourised hillshaded MOLA elevation


A small number of Souness GLFs are found inside craters in Utopia Planitia.

Elevation colour ramp used for HRSC tiles in this area.

Hillshaded MOLA elevation.

MOLA elevation colour ramp.

 Four HiRISE anaglyphs overlap or are in the vicinity of Souness GLFs:

Zooming into the area covered by HRSC tiles h1526 and h2878.

Zooming in further to several areas of interest:

Crater at 116°E, 39°N containing 3 Souness GLFs, with HiRISE anaglyph coverage of one of them. HRSC tile h1526 nadir image with the classifier results.

3D anaglyph PSP_007884_2195
A crater further north in tile h1526 at 43°N without any catalogued Souness GLFs, though there looks to be remnants of some kind of flow features.

Classifier results show topography favoured for glaciers.
Google Earth screenshot with HiRISE CTX imagery of crater containing Souness 193 which is not covered by any HRSC DTM tiles. The HiRISE anaglyph referenced earlier covers a portion of the eastern wall.
Kufra Crater at 120°E, 40°N. (HRSC tile h2878 nadir image)

Bayesian classifier results (note DTM is only at 250m resolution).
Google Earth screenshot of HiRISE CTX imagery of Kufra crater.

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