Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Northern Martian mid-latitudes: Mareotis Fossae

Continuing the northern Martian mid-latitudes, here is the Mareotis Fossae area:

The HRSC tiles, with DTM overlaid in green on the grayscale nadir image.
All of the HRSC tiles use the above colour scheme for the elevation.
The MOLA DTM elevation colour-coded.
The MOLA elevation colour ramp.

The MOLA DTM hillshaded.

Tanaica Montes area at 90°W, 40°N:

Souness 70 at 90°W, 40°N, overlapping with HiRISE coverage.

Tempe Colles area (85°W, 35°N)

Certain areas have substantial amounts of terrain favoured by the classifier as being topographically similar to glacier head or extent areas but have few Souness GLFs.

Baphyrus Catena at 84°W, 39°N. Five Souness GLFs are found in this field of view, and the HiRISE fields PSP_005663_2195 and ESP_027855_2195 are located overlapping or near to Souness GLFs.


Area at ~ 86°W, 44°N with several Souness GLFs.
The HiRISE images ESP_028910_2240 and ESP_016739_2240 overlap with Souness 58.

An area somewhat further NE at 84-83°W, 45°N with several more Souness glacier-like forms. There is a HiRISE stereo pair with 3D anaglyph as well as two further HiRISE footprints in vicinity of GLFs.
PSP_007232_2260 overlapping with Souness 43.

Anaglyph ESP_016673_2255_ESP_017741_2255 near Souness 41 and 42.

ESP_029411_2255 overlapping Souness 38.

An area further to the east in HRSC tiles h5401 and h5383 around 72°W, 48°N, showing several Souness GLFs and gullies. It shows that the classifier is not very specific to the Souness type valley glacier analogue objects, given that it shades many other areas as well.

At around 81°W, 49°N in HRSC tile h1528, a further example of the classifier shading a much broader range of terrain than that underlying Souness GLFs. The HiRISE images ESP_016752_2300 and ESP_024334_2300 overlap GLFs in this field.

ESP_016752_2300 overlapping Souness 25.

ESP_024334_2300 overlapping Souness 23.

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