Thursday, 24 May 2012

Skrifenn Hwegh warn ugens - Writing 26

Apologies for the long break between posts.

I've decided to go cold turkey with facebook - I just think it can be such a waste of time, and it concerns me that people have become so dependent on a single website, getting drawn into arguments that just go round in circles has turned me off facebook too.

As far as being dependent on a single website - all hail Google!!

I'm taking my 4th grade Cornish language this year - I have a lot of work to do in the next month for the written papers.

I have noticed a worrying trend - there seems to be in some quarters a backlash against the Cornish language.

1. Although Heartlands in Pool has used some Cornish language - there is nothing on their website and there are many missed opportunities to use the language on the signage at the Heartlands site itself.

2. The repainting of the sign at the entrance to Land's End removing the Cornish language text and the subsequent disingenous attempts at denial by the owners of the Land's End theme park.

3. Land’s End are not the only offenders. Up until recently, the ‘Carrick Housing’ offices in Pydar Street ,Truro had the Cornish language ‘Trevow Konteth Karrek’ on their signage. Since the rebranding to ‘Cornwall Housing’ the Cornish language has disappeared….

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