Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Skrifenn Onan warn ugens - Writing Twenty-one

I managed to get espeak to do Cornish language text-to-speech directly, by editing the voice configuration files to use Cornish text.

edit - unfortunately I later lost these files when my previous netbook got lost - always backup!

Since then I haven't done much more on language processing in python, or studying Cornish in the last couple of months.

Instead I've been fairly focused on my thesis, and have cleared up the most significant problem with my results. Now the spectroscopic and photometric metallicities (a property of the composition of the stars) more or less match. I may well write a summary of the thesis's main points up here once it's finished.

All I need to do is firm up the conclusions a little and I will be ready to submit my thesis. I will be doing so as a Masters, since in the second year of my PhD circumstances led to me taking a long break and this set me back quite a lot.

I am not sure what I will do afterwards, I am content to have a break most of the summer, perhaps will go on another cycle tour like I did in early summer of 2009 when I cycled from John O' Groats to Newcastle with my brother. Although there has been one interesting job opportunity come up back in Cornwall.

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