Monday, 19 April 2010

Skrifenn Tri

I have managed a little PhD work this afternoon, so I think I have overcome the mental block I had on it while I was at home. I graphed up trends in the "metallicity" of stars in the Triangulum galaxy, I have come to realise that one way of measuring this is practically useless, however another seems to yield useful trends. I really need to compare the results to models of the galaxy.

My Windows 7 installation no longer boots. I run a dual boot system on my desktop with Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows. It used to work fine for a while but when I tried booting into Windows recently it just didn't happen, if Windows 7 is selected it gives me a black screen and a flashing cursor and that's it. At least there is no actual data lost, the Windows partition is still accessible from Linux, the problem is just it doesn't boot. There are a very few programs that I need Windows to run, mostly Paint Shop Pro, AstroArt and MaximDL for image processing.

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