Friday, 16 April 2010

Skrifenn Onan - Writing one

I did not know what to call this blog. I thought of "Cornishness and the Ecotechnic Dissensus", "Redbicycle's Ramblings", "The Cornish Astronomer" or "The New Cornwall Society - 'Joining together the fragments and making them live again' "

The title I have chosen is "Skrifennow" meaning "Writings" in Cornish.

There will from time to time be posts in the Cornish language, which is an ancient language centuries older than English spoken in the far south western peninsula of the island of Britain. The Cornish language did out as a native language in the 18th-19th centuries, but enough survived that it could be revived.

Introducing myself, I am a Christian, I am also a PhD student in astronomy at a well known University in Eastern England. I was born and spent all my childhood in Cornwall.

I hope to discuss aspects of what being Cornish means for me, what can be learnt from the history of the Cornish, and what we may have to offer the world as we move towards the future.

I hope to discuss a little of astronomy and how my faith and my studies relate to each other in how they make sense of our place in the Universe.

I am also interested in ecological issues, I have had something of a wake up call in reading the blog "The Archdruid Report" and reading its author John Michael Greer's two books "The Long Descent" and "The Ecotechnic Future".

His central thesis is that the availability of concentrated energy - specifically fossil fuels are what has made the current model of industrial society possible and if taken away would lead to the fall of our current civilisation, which he describes as a form of "human ecology" akin to "pioneer weeds".

He then applies the ecological principle of succession to argue that this primitive inefficient form of the "technic society" will in time - via a number of steps - lead to an "ecotechnic" society akin to an "old growth forest" that uses energy and resources far more efficiently than we do today.

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